Saturday, March 27, 2010

Favorite Cleaning Tips

Kelly, over at Kelly's Korner has a show us your life Fridays.  Every Friday she has a theme, such as things you collect, or room makeovers.  I want to participate, but being a newbe to blogging, I don't know if I know how to link my blog to hers.  So I am going to try.  When we bought a house in Lake Elsinore 25 years ago, the ad read Mrs. Clean lives here and then it went on to describe the clean, lovely house.  When we bought it I told my girlfriend what the ad said.  She replied,"little does she know Mrs. Clean is moving in"  Yes, I like to clean, or maybe I don't like to clean, I am not sure.  What I am sure about is that I like a clean house.  I believe that the only way to achieve that is to clean.  I know the hubby and daughter won't clean, so that leaves me.  The problem I have had with hubby is that if the house looks nice, he doesn't see any reason to clean.  When I ask him to vacuum, he will reply "why it looks fine to me".  So instead of bickering about it, I just do it.  When the kids were younger they caught on real fast.  If I asked them to do something, they would do a lousy job and I would usually do it over and never ask them again to do that particular chore. I enjoyed  reading the cleaning tips on Kelly's Korner.  One of the tips was to buy a bounce fabic softener bar.  You stick it in the dryer and it lasts for about two months.  Well, after I read the tips, I went to target and what did I have to buy, you got it, a bounce bar.  She was right, the smell of the clothes out of the dryer was so much nicer that the fabric sheets.  My best tip is "Spot Shot".  Any time I see a spot on the carpet, I clean it with Spot Shot and it really does the job of getting the spot out for good.  I also have my carpets cleaned twice a year by a professional.  But between the professional cleanings, I alway have a can of spot shot handy.

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