Tuesday, March 30, 2010

When do Easter Egg Hunts End ?

Well, I did the Easter egg baskets and Easter egg hunts when my kids were little. And I actually thought they were over. Little did I know they are a never ending holiday. I think I weened my last child off Easter baskets when she was 18. I said enough is enough and reluctantly she agreed. Well imagine my surprise when my grand kids came over yesterday to swim and asked "Gram will you do an Easter egg hunt for us?"What could I say, of course I said yes. So today after work I spent an hour and a half at Target fighting the crowds in the Easter section. I wanted to get some plain eggs and put one dollar bills in them. Then I hunted for small toys to put in the other eggs. I came up with some Polly pockets for three year old Natalie. Some transformers for seven year old Jacob, and a couple of cars for 1 year old Dylan. Dylan loves anything that has wheels. I hope the weather stays the way it has been for the last week, that way the kids can swim and then have their "hunt". I am also planning on a ham dinner and a delish dessert. Thank goodness for grand kids, they keep me young.

P.S. To my oldest grandchild, Chloe who lives 5 hours away in Arizona, grandma is sending you out a gift card to target tomorrow. Maybe you can buy a new bathing suit. You will need it when you come out for the summer. I can't wait :). Grandma loves you.

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