Monday, April 5, 2010

Good Friday and Easter

Well, it has been a very busy time around here. We had a Good Friday service at our church, then Easter service and Easter dinner at our house with our son, his wife and the young grandchildren. I hid plastic eggs in our backyard and made sure I counted how many I hid so we would know when they had found them all. I wanted to make sure it was a fair hunt, so I put the kids initals on the eggs. That way the 7 year old wouldn't find them all and leave the 3 year old frustrated. I marked 9 plastic eggs for each of them. They found almost all of them. There was one that the 3 year old couldn't find. All of the adults started looking to help her find her last one. We all came up empty handed. I could not remember where I had hid each one and after about 10 minutes of 5 adults and three kids looking, I had a thought................Lolli. She is our 2 year old pup. She takes anything she can find and carry in her mouth under our couch. I told Melissa to go in the house and look under the couch. Bingo, there it was a pink plastic egg with an N marked on it for Natalie. The mini tootsie roll that had been inside was missing. I would have loved to see her find that plastic egg in the backyard, carry it in her mouth through the doggie door and take it under our couch to eat the tootsie roll inside! She is part dashshund and part chihuahua and very overweight! It is difficult for her to squeeze just herself under the couch, let alone her with a pink plastic egg in her mouth! We all had a good laugh about that. For dinner we had ham, mashed potatoes with country gravy, mac and cheese, rolls, fresh fruit with dip and for dessert chocolate cupcakes. It was yummy, if I do say so myself.

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