Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Putting Away the Decorations

I need to put away the Easter decorations, luckily it is not like Christmas when I have boxes and boxes of things to pack up. It is always so much fun to pack for a trip or put out decorations. The drag is when you get home from a trip and have to put everything away and you have all dirty clothes. Not so much fun. It is the same when you are putting out decorations and looking for the perfect spot for your treasures to be displayed. Putting away is always a chore. But like I said, for Easter I just have one table in the entrance way that I decorate. It is next to a hutch that we put all of our collectibles that Don has brought home from his trips. He has things from Russia, Africa and El Salvador. The hutch and table were bought years ago from a yard sale. Above the table is a little glass cabinet that houses a child's cereal set. It is from Germany and it was made in 1918. My friend Ed gave it to me. It was one of his mom's many collections and when she passed away he gifted me with the child's cereal set. I also have an article that was in a magazine, telling about the value of the set. I was so happy to find a perfect glass cabinet to show my little treasure, it is very special to me.

Looking for eggs

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